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Three more valuable Stolen Domain names hit the Domain Aftermarket

It has been reported that the following domain names are stolen: 8t.com jtm.com wjm.net According to a reported sales thread on DNForum, the seller attempted to offer the same domains on Flippa.com by gaining access to a compromised Flippa account. The same method seems to have been used on DNForum.com, where an account unused since […]

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Caution: Several stolen 3-Letter .com domains appear on sale

These days domain thieves seem to have a preference with GoDaddy, utilizing social engineering to gain access to accounts and steal valuable domains. Several 3-Letter .com domains have been identified as stolen recently and have been offered for sale on DNForum, NamePros and Flippa. These stolen domains are: KOH.com – attempt to sell on Flippa […]

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