Trademark violations : Domains at Flippa with a Microsoft interest

Domain auction platforms often fail to keep their marketplace clean of any trademark violations. The very essence of cybersquatting, domains with keywords of famous brands or full corporate names, give domain investors a bad name. Flippa is an active marketplace, and in the past we’ve on numerous occasions alerted them about trademark violations being auctioned. […]

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Flippa domains : It’s time to buy

Pizza is one of the world’s staple foods, and there’s a pizza for everyone. Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover, getting a pizza custom made to your exact flavor preference is not rocket science. Coincidentally, the domain is now available to eat acquire on Flippa, and yes – it’s a one […]

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No love for at Flippa, as #covfefe steam dissipates

The Flippa auction for the viral domain ended after 13 bids, and a high bid of $4,550 dollars. Unfortunately, that was below the domain’s reserve price, and wasn’t sold. Stemming from a jumbled up tweet by Donald Trump, “covfefe” became a viral meme of sorts, leading to thousands of “covfefe domains” getting registered. […]

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Flippa auctions the ultimate “F-Word” Trump domain!

Domain auction platform, Flippa, is currently auctioning a fun “F-Word” domain related to US President, Donald Trump. In fact, it’s the ultimate such domain, With just two days left until the end of the auction, this 2011 registration is listed at $2,000 dollars currently, with eight bids. The auction for has a reserve, […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Domain auction ended at Flippa

The domain name was auctioned at Flippa, attracting 8 bids in total. In August, the highly political domain was listed in an ad at the Wall Street Journal, seeking $2.5 million dollars. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that the final bid at Flippa, at $26,000 dollars, failed to reach the reserve. […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Is it too late to sell the “Brexit” domain for big bucks?

Brexit, the scheduled exit of Britain from the European Union, generated a lot of interest this year. Hundreds of domain names with “brexit” as the main keyword were registered; perhaps, thousands. It’s typical for the matching .com to be the most valuable one, and the owner of is offering it for sale via Flippa. […]

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Fun with Flippa : 9 types of commentators on Ali Zandi’s domain auction

A while back we urged Flippa to disallow comments in domain auctions, unless they are left by actual bidders on the auction. Whether one leaves a positive comment, or a negative comment, domain sales deserve to be devoid of such unrelated noise. Comments can vary from “Cool domain bro!” to “Pfffff…your domain isn’t better than […]

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Flippa : Get ready for some auction rule changes, says Kevin Fink

Flippa has received a lot of feedback since revamping its domain, website and app auction marketplace. The Australian company maintains a close relationship with its users, and even its loudest critics. It was one of these criticizing threads over at NamePros that sent fumes about certain rules that aren’t working for many domain sellers or […]

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Retard dot com : Domain auction suspended at $60,000+ dollars

The Flippa auction for the domain name flew past $60,000 dollars with 3 hours left until its end. Forty bids clearly show that the offensive domain attracts interest, and the current high bid stands at $61,936 dollars. There seems to be a problem, however, as the seller’s account has been suspended. Despite being a […]

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Give her inches or chocolate? Two Flippa domains for Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, she might appreciate one of these two fine gifts: inches, or chocolate. Many a domainer wife loves to receive those gifts, and you might want to get your mind out of the gutter, right now! 😀 We’re talking about two premium domain names, that for one reason or another, failed to sell […]

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Fitness.Coach : Great name, shame about the renewal fee

New gTLDs can combine their keyword with the extension to form meaningful, SEO-ready pairs that create a strong brand. One such domain, Fitness.Coach, is made perfect for an industry ready to shed sweat, tears and money in order to be in shape. Alas, the associated renewal fee is $1,000 dollars according to its owner, who […]

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Domain search : Yes, Kevin Fink is still at Flippa!

Ah, the side-effects of being busy and a victim of your own success! Flippa has absolutely been hitting the ball out of the park; domain auctions at the top domain marketplace are busier than ever. The new search features at Flippa have upped the ante in how domain listings should be searched. Just take a […]

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