No love for at Flippa, as #covfefe steam dissipates

The Flippa auction for the viral domain ended after 13 bids, and a high bid of $4,550 dollars. Unfortunately, that was below the domain’s reserve price, and wasn’t sold. Stemming from a jumbled up tweet by Donald Trump, “covfefe” became a viral meme of sorts, leading to thousands of “covfefe domains” getting registered. […]

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Donald Trump’s “covfefe” tweet generated more than 12 million Google results, and plenty of domain registrations. The ultimate “prize” is of course, a domain that has been listed on Flippa for several days. Although there is a reserve involved, the auction ends in less than two days. With 12 bids and a current high […]

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There are now more than 1100 “Covfefe” registered domain names!

Covfefe, the incomprehensible tweet by Donald Trump, continues to claim digital victims. After the initial enumeration of the “Covfefe” domains that were registered, we ran an updated, comprehensive report. Using ZFBot, we queried its massive database of millions of registered domain names across thousands of TLDs, gTLDs and ccTLDs, for registrations that begin with or […]

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Kiwi man wastes good lunch money on domain

A man from New Zealand tossed a perfect lunch into the garbage, after deciding to register the domain instead. Auckland meme-lover, Samuel Chatwin, skipped lunch after a Donald Trump tweet about “Covfefe” went viral. “Spending $22.99 to get this piece of junk domain was a non-brainer,” said Samuel Chatwin. “Me and my friends could […]

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More than 150 “Covfefe” domains show state of the industry

More than 150 “Covfefe” domains were registered yesterday, after president Donald Trump tweeted about it. Whether a typo of “coverage” or a secret handshake keyword to the leaders of the still free world, Donald Trump’s tweet led to a brand new meme, breaking the Internet. According to ZFBot, 151 “Covfefe” domains were registered yesterday, across […]

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