Got a viral meme domain? Sell it as fast as you can!

If you were lucky enough to grab a domain name inspired by a popular meme or viral statement, sell it as soon as you can! Sitting on such viral domains is a death sentence for most of them. Once the steam dissipates, the domain’s value is gone down the drain. The Internet crowds retain a […]

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Donald Trump’s “covfefe” tweet generated more than 12 million Google results, and plenty of domain registrations. The ultimate “prize” is of course, a domain that has been listed on Flippa for several days. Although there is a reserve involved, the auction ends in less than two days. With 12 bids and a current high […]

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Avocado hand .com : Domainer grabs viral domain

“Avocado hand” is trending on social media, and the latest freak accident involving fruit and a knife has a name. In a nutshell: Avocado fruit has a hard core, and if you use a sharp knife the wrong way, you can seriously hurt yourself. Lots of ER pictures about “avocado hand” exist on the Internet, […]

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Sedo domains : Bro, need some TWAG?

If you need some TWAG, we can help with dat, bro. What the hell is TWAG anyhow? TWAG is a trending new acronym, standing for “Tech Wives And Girlfriends” – a term describing the perfect 10 ladies being “captured” by hotshot tech stars. The TWAG term is a spin-off of WAG, used to describe the […]

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Philando Castile : Dot .COM domain registered after shooting video turns viral

The shooting of an apparently innocent man, Philando Castile, by a police officer in Minnesota over a traffic violation, is shocking and saddening. A graphic video was streamed live by his girlfriend on Facebook, showing Philando Castile as he bled to death in his own car. Facebook allows graphic videos to be shared on its […]

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Father Domainicus and the viral spread of the gTLD disease

Greetings and salutations, my brothers and sisters in domaining; this is Father Domainicus, currently on a conference call with other Domainers Without Frontiers. Recently, our humble Domain Church has been flooded by questions, most of them related to the infectious rise and spread of a particular, unmentionable gTLD. One of these questions asked, “Father Domainicus, […]

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GoDaddy: Ebola domain names in registration epidemic!

The outbreak of Ebola domain names is going global; thousands of such domains were registered since the virus gained strength in Africa. Hundreds of new viral cases, which is lethal about 90% of the time, have led to numerous domain registrations of Ebola domains. GoDaddy, the #1 domain registrar in the world, quickly moved in […]

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