An almost believable biopic domain to raise donations

Lydia Tár, the first female chief conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic, was born in Staten Island, New York, as Linda Tarr.

Famous conductor, Leonard Bernstein, was her mentor. She conducted the orchestra at President Obama’s second inauguration, among her many feats.

But none of these, or other “facts” about the life and career of Lydia Tár are true; the character of the movie “Tár” that Cate Blanchett stars in, is pure fiction.

It comes as no surprise that the biopic domain built at is quite convincing, adding to the prestige of the character and the viral nature of the movie that has been nominated for no less than 6 Oscars!

The domain name was registered in 2022 alongside social media accounts, such as Twitter. It’s viral marketing at its finest and an effective campaign that attempts to give full dimensions to what is already a magnificent movie.

A final fun fact: All of the links to shop or buy items and personal performances of Lydia Tár, such as records, link to charities to raise donations. Now that’s a truly noble way of “exploiting” the obsession of cinephiles with the movie.

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