Avocado hand .com : Domainer grabs viral domain


Avocado hand” is trending on social media, and the latest freak accident involving fruit and a knife has a name.

In a nutshell: Avocado fruit has a hard core, and if you use a sharp knife the wrong way, you can seriously hurt yourself.

Lots of ER pictures about “avocado hand” exist on the Internet, and now someone registered the .com, AvocadoHand.com.

“I was at the Dallas Regional hospital biting down on a piece of wood while the doctor was taking care on my injury,” said the registrant, Bobby Gee.

“While in pain, I used my phone to thumb-register the domain AvocadoHand.com with my other hand, and show the world what can possibly go wrong with this fucking fruit,” added Gee.

Once he recovers from his injuries and can type with both hands, Bobby Gee plans to develop a web site with step by step instructions on how to properly peel an avocado.

That, or he will park the domain at Sedo, hoping to profit from the plight of thousands of others, who have been injuring themselves while attempting to cut an avocado.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

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