GoDaddy: Ebola domain names in registration epidemic!

Ebola domains are spreading around the world.

Ebola domains are spreading around the world.

The outbreak of Ebola domain names is going global; thousands of such domains were registered since the virus gained strength in Africa.

Hundreds of new viral cases, which is lethal about 90% of the time, have led to numerous domain registrations of Ebola domains.

GoDaddy, the #1 domain registrar in the world, quickly moved in to provide a positive influence on this domain registration trend.

“Our customers know how to spot a good deal, and Ebola domains are selling like hot cakes,” said senior account manager, Donald Dock.

“There’s no doubt that a lot of these registrations will end up at the TDNAM aftermarket, auctioned between $19.95 and $99.95 a pop,” added Dock.

Ebola domains can be extremely lengthy, to capitalize on the real virus’s physical dimensions.

One such domain, claims to be promoting a funding campaign launched by the embassy of Sierra Leone.

“As with every global natural disaster or war conflict, GoDaddy customers are spending big money on Ebola domains right now,” said Donald Dock, adding: “We cannot stop people from making decisions that are borderline unethical or idiotic, after all domaining is a free open market and anything goes!”

If you registered any Ebola domains make sure there is no bodily fluid exchange along the way between the registrar and the registry; washing your hands often with hot water and soap helps.

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