Philando Castile : Dot .COM domain registered after shooting video turns viral

Philando Castile.

Philando Castile.

The shooting of an apparently innocent man, Philando Castile, by a police officer in Minnesota over a traffic violation, is shocking and saddening.

A graphic video was streamed live by his girlfriend on Facebook, showing Philando Castile as he bled to death in his own car.

Facebook allows graphic videos to be shared on its platform as long as they meet certain guidelines, such as news or evidence of a crime.

Once Philando Castile’s name was released, the domain was registered at eNom, along with other TLDs.

The domain appears to be currently parked.

Regardless of one’s good intentions, registering and monetizing domains related to accidents, crimes or their victims is a classless act.

Recently, Sedo removed several domain names from its marketplace that referenced Omar Mateen, mass murderer in the Orlando shooting.

Let’s hope the same happens in this case as well.

Note: We will not post the shocking video of Philando Castile’s final moments or link to it, but we recommend that you find it and watch it, to formulate your own conclusions about this tragic event.

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