No love for at Flippa, as #covfefe steam dissipates didn’t sell at Flippa.

The Flippa auction for the viral domain ended after 13 bids, and a high bid of $4,550 dollars.

Unfortunately, that was below the domain’s reserve price, and wasn’t sold.

Stemming from a jumbled up tweet by Donald Trump, “covfefe” became a viral meme of sorts, leading to thousands of “covfefe domains” getting registered.

The registrant of set up a web site selling items branded with the word, despite at least 34 pending trademarks at the USPTO.

Perhaps he waited too long to sell this domain, and its steam has already dissipated.

In other related news, Flippa introduced a $1 dollar fee for all domain classified listings, a move that might send cheapskate domainers packing.

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