Hillary.com : Domain auction ended at Flippa

The domain name Hillary.com was auctioned at Flippa, attracting 8 bids in total.

In August, the highly political domain was listed in an ad at the Wall Street Journal, seeking $2.5 million dollars.

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that the final bid at Flippa, at $26,000 dollars, failed to reach the reserve.



Hillary.com is one of those personal name domains that have a single potential suitor, in this case, Hillary Clinton.

As she already owns HillaryClinton.com, it’d be rather impossible for Hillary.com to sell for millions.

Perhaps, after the elections are over, there will be yet another chance to offer it for sale.

Political domains are a hit or miss; some domain investors, such as Rick Schwartz, are highly interested in the genre.

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