Rick Schwartz’s ever-expanding list of political domains

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

A refreshed and ever-focused Rick Schwartz emerged recently in an interview at The Domains.

The Domain King® has been scraping the Urban Dictionary for jargon terms that are popular; at reg fee, such domain registrations can produce a generous return on investment!

At the same time, Rick’s passion for political domains is evident.

The political debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton generate a lot of terms with potential, and Rick wastes no time – the proverbial early bird catches the worm.

So what domains has Rick Schwartz been registering recently?

We’re seeing an increase in political domain registrations, along with some more Urban Dictionary terms, and general domains. Rick has also been dropping domains, particularly gTLDs. They are being snapped up by other domainers, it seems.

At base cost, these new domain registrations by Rick Schwartz can be used in many creative ways:

Urban Dictionary / Jargon term / General domains:

Political domains:

It looks like Rick Schwartz has registered the entire gamut of terms used in the Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton campaigns! 😀

The 3rd and final debate between the two presidential candidates is scheduled for Wednesday, October 19th.

We’re certain that it’ll generate a record number of new political domain registrations!

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