Media Options grabbed a slice of the pizza pie

Pizza domains 🍕 are popular and so are brands like Pizza Hut. Operating from, Pizza Hut was founded on June 15, 1958, by two brothers, Dan and Frank Carney, both Wichita State students. The founders borrowed $600 from their mom to open a pizza place and the rest is history. Meanwhile, the domain name […]

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Sally’s Apizza .com : Personal #domain registration leads to #UDRP after biz fallout

The registrant of stated that the domain was registered in her name, and not in the name of the business that contested it via the UDRP process. The Respondent stated that she was never employed by the LLC managing the intellectual property of the restaurant, such as a trademark for SALLY’S APIZZA, and that […]

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Flippa domains : It’s time to buy

Pizza is one of the world’s staple foods, and there’s a pizza for everyone. Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover, getting a pizza custom made to your exact flavor preference is not rocket science. Coincidentally, the domain is now available to eat acquire on Flippa, and yes – it’s a one […]

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Thank you,

Sometimes you bookmark something on the web, thinking it will always be there. Especially when it’s a really nice recipe for home-made pizza dough. Feeling confident that the recipe was still there, we found a 404 message instead. Damn it! No need to panic. The recipe still exists on the cached page stored at […]

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MediaOptions – broker of the top tier domain name – have announced that they have completed the sale of Patting their virtual back through a poorly written press release, Media Options asserts that the sale was one of the top 5 .net domains ever to be sold. Unfortunately, due to an NDA signed […]

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Will the first .CO UDRP be for a hefty slice of Pizza?

It’s Sunday afternoon and that old tv ad comes to mind: It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno. Nowadays, here at DomainGang we make our own, home-made pizza with fresh ingredients and even self-made dough. It beats the living jiggy-biggies out of DiGiorno, any day of the week. DiGiorno – or rather, Nestlé USA – understands the […]

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Chinese Papa John’s stole domain passwords!

Nick Ghuppo is a long-time fan of Papa John’s pizza. The 320-lbs domainer from New Jersey loves the quality crust and the tasty ingredients of the Papa John’s pizza, and finds them better tasting than Domino’s and Little Caesar’s. During the long hours of domaining, when he registers domains or peruses drop-catching services to further […]

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