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#PapaJohns : Eighteen year old #domain typo lost in #UDRP

PapaJohn’s pizza has seen better days, but even in 2000 it was extremely popular in the US. That’s when the typo domain, PapJohns.com, was registered, and for the next 18 years it kept on serving  – millions of ads, that is. We can only imagine the revenue it generated, particularly in zero click redirects, but […]

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Will the first .CO UDRP be for a hefty slice of Pizza?

It’s Sunday afternoon and that old tv ad comes to mind: It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno. Nowadays, here at DomainGang we make our own, home-made pizza with fresh ingredients and even self-made dough. It beats the living jiggy-biggies out of DiGiorno, any day of the week. DiGiorno – or rather, Nestlé USA – understands the […]

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