Trademark violations : Domains at Flippa with a Microsoft interest

Microsoft is a famous trademark. Apparently, Flippa thinks it is not.

Domain auction platforms often fail to keep their marketplace clean of any trademark violations.

The very essence of cybersquatting, domains with keywords of famous brands or full corporate names, give domain investors a bad name.

Flippa is an active marketplace, and in the past we’ve on numerous occasions alerted them about trademark violations being auctioned.

The sad truth is, that there are far too many such incidents to report individually. Quite often, Flippa has responded that the reports should arrive from the trademark holders themselves.

That’s like saying that a crime should not be reported by an observing citizen, but only by the victim.

Today’s list contains obvious trademark violations related to Microsoft and its products. At the time of writing this article, all domains are active in listings or auctions, although some .XYZ domains appear to have dropped.

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3 Responses to “Trademark violations : Domains at Flippa with a Microsoft interest”
  1. CC says: may not be TM infringement.

  2. RaTHeaD says: seems to me fair use. the others not so much.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Fair use means it’s actually used to voice frustrations against the company. When it’s for sale, it’s not fair use.

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