Copilot key: Matching .com domain already for sale at Dan

A year ago, Microsoft announced the introduction of Copilot, a chatbot and a built-in feature for Microsoft Bing and Microsoft Edge. Based on a large language model (LLM), it is a replacement for the discontinued Cortana. A year later, the proliferation of AI chatbots able to perform tasks is taken by Microsoft to the next […]

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Microsoft 365 taking over the domain name

Operating system software giant, Microsoft, has been using the domain name for its Microsoft Office suite of programs and apps. Beginning in November 2022, the Office app is becoming the Microsoft 365 app; the services provided from the domain name will be moved to In January 2023, changes will begin rolling out […]

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Microsoft ends life of Internet Explorer

Rest in peace, Internet Explorer. The original Microsoft browser that caused a lot of dismay in the 90’s is officially dead. Microsoft has ended support for Internet Explorer (IE) yesterday, retiring its aging web browser after almost 27 years. Launched in 1995, Internet Explorer is now officially replaced by the Microsoft Edge browser. The original […]

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Microsoft released its latest OS, Windows 11, on October 5th, reaching out to a subset of the global PC market. We say “subset” without a clear indication of just how many PCs are upgradeable to Windows 11, all thanks to a tighter security layer required by the OS. While some older CPUs are supported, not […]

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Microsoft announced today that it has taken down Trickbot, a malware-spreading network by turning off its servers’ IP range. The Trickbot network had the potential to disrupt the ongoing US elections, and Microsoft obtained a federal court order which was relayed to various Internet Service Providers in the US. “We disrupted Trickbot through a court […]

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Mike Mann : #Bethesda․com on sale for $1,000,000 dollars!

Domain investor and serial entrepreneur, Mike Mann, listed, a premium geodomain, for sale. Going for a cool $1,000,000 dollars, isn’t just a cool city in Maryland. The 1998 domain registration is back to light as news of Bethesda Softworks‘ sale to Microsoft, for a staggering $7.5 billion dollars. Microsoft is acquiring ZeniMax Media, […]

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#Domain brands : #Microsoft launches #xCloud today but not on the .com

Microsoft is rolling out xCloud today, to give gamers access to more than 150 Xbox games “in the cloud.” That means Android users can use the Microsoft “gaming as a service” to play games on non-Xbox devices. The project is two years in the works, but apparently “xCloud” was just the working title as it’s […]

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#Microsoft has no trademark in “window” says Respondent in #UDRP

From the hilarious claims department: The Indian registrant of the domain claimed that Microsoft has no rights in “window,” in response to the filed UDRP. The web site at presents a series of blog posts about imaginary products from Microsoft: Windows 11 and Windows 12. The UDRP was filed by Microsoft Corporation, and […]

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#Microsoft 365 Assistant : #Cortana substitute didn’t advise its own #domain name

Microsoft is apparently getting ready to change the name of Cortana, the personal productivity assistant in Windows 10. Unlike Apple and Siri, Cortana does not arrive with its own domain name. Microsoft has chosen a path on for Cortana, while Apple is using as a forward to When it comes down to […]

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#SteveBallmer .com : Former #Microsoft executive’s name sold for four figures

Steve Ballmer, the multi-billionaire, former executive at Microsoft, never owned the domain Known for his dedication to the company he served as CEO from 2000 to 2014, Steve Ballmer, most likely didn’t place a bid at DropCatch either. 😀 The domain auction for ended at $1,100 dollars, according to NameBio. Clearly not the […]

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Steve Ballmer .com : Multi-billionaire’s name being auctioned on #DropCatch

Steve Ballmer is the former CEO of Microsoft, where he ran the show from 2000 to 2014. With a net worth of almost $50 billion dollars, Steve Ballmer was the right hand of Bill Gates since 1980. It seems that Steve Ballmer doesn’t own the most obvious digital asset, Even more shocking is the […]

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Trademark violations : Domains at Flippa with a Microsoft interest

Domain auction platforms often fail to keep their marketplace clean of any trademark violations. The very essence of cybersquatting, domains with keywords of famous brands or full corporate names, give domain investors a bad name. Flippa is an active marketplace, and in the past we’ve on numerous occasions alerted them about trademark violations being auctioned. […]

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