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Translate.com sale on #Flippa is “ka-ching” moment for #Greek entrepreneur Anthos Chrysanthou

Greek-American entrepreneur, Anthos Chrysanthou must be rejoicing; the premium domain Translate.com sold for $853,000 dollars on a Flippa auction. The Chicago-based entrepreneur and domain investor sold the money-making business, in order to focus on a new enterprise. According to BizQuest, Translate.com averages 1.8M monthly visitors, and 3.9M monthly page views with an average duration of […]

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Yassou! Anthos Chrysanthou launches enterprise translation tools on Translate.com

Chicago entrepreneur and domain investor, Anthos Chrysanthou, is quiet and diminutive. But don’t confuse his silence and stature with any lack of focus; the CEO of Emerge Media launched Translate.com four years ago, and the company’s web platform boasts 3 million members. The company is headquartered in the Greektown neighborhood of Chicago. Translate.com has produced […]

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