Supporting the growing IT community: domains now available at!

Press release: A leading provider of IT-related domain names — Domains — is excited to announce the availability of its domains on, one of the largest and fastest-growing domain registrars globally.

This partnership will serve the global IT community by providing accessible and meaningful domain names within the domain zone for startups and emerging companies who want their domain name to indicate their tech-savvy online presence.

With the scarcity of .com domains, the market has seen the rise of alternative TLDs . The popularity of IT-related domains is on the rise, with tech startups increasingly choosing new domain extensions to brand themselves and showcase their tech focus . The availability of domains on will further enhance this trend, offering more options for IT businesses looking to establish a strong online presence. One of the great advantages is the availability of premium domains in the registry, such as for example,, – and many more., one of the world’s top domain name registrars, has shown remarkable growth since its inception in 2019, quickly reaching 1 million domains under management (DUM) and then doubling to 2 million DUM within a year . Its strong performance in new registrations, ranking 4th in 2022 , highlights its appeal to businesses seeking domain names. Sav is known for its ease of use and user-friendly experience; registering an domain name at is simple, straight from homepage to checkout in 3 clicks.

Tess Diaz, Director of Channel Development at Domains, commented:

“The partnership between Domains and Domain Registrar promises strong growth for both partners, based on our alignment: we both share laser-focused growth plans and tremendous combined experience understanding what types of domains best address today’s market needs.”

Sav Founder & CEO Anthos Chrysanthou noted:

“At the core of our mission, we aim to empower creators with our groundbreaking AI tools. These tools are designed to encompass the entire creative journey, ranging from selecting the perfect domain name to crafting captivating websites and managing emails seamlessly. Stay tuned: offering domains is one of many exciting new developments for 2024.”

The team at Domains will continue focusing on developing the partnership with and other such highly respected registrar channels, expanding the availability of its domains for the IT community globally.

About Domains

The company, Domains, is a domain registry, offering the domains * e.g. It is a subsidiary of UK-based Intis Telecom, which acquired the domain in 2021 for $3.8 million, the biggest domain sale of the year.
Intis Telecom is a global company that has been operating in areas of telecommunications and technology for over 14 years, with access to over 180 countries. In addition to, the company has a cloud-based business messaging platform and also offers a free link shortening service called Intis Telecom is a member of the GSMA, the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), RIPE and has ICANN accreditation.

About is a revolutionary digital identity AI creation platform, empowering creators and entrepreneurs to seamlessly bring their visions to life. With an intuitive interface and a comprehensive suite of tools, ensures that users can effortlessly establish their online presence. From acquiring the perfect domain name to building a professional website, from managing emails to leveraging powerful marketing tools – provides everything needed to succeed in the digital world.

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