sale on #Flippa is “ka-ching” moment for #Greek entrepreneur Anthos Chrysanthou

Greek-American entrepreneur, Anthos Chrysanthou must be rejoicing; the premium domain sold for $853,000 dollars on a Flippa auction.

The Chicago-based entrepreneur and domain investor sold the money-making business, in order to focus on a new enterprise.

According to BizQuest, averages 1.8M monthly visitors, and 3.9M monthly page views with an average duration of 2:37 minutes, and a bounce rate of 40.9%. There are 385,000 registered users on

In our 2015 coverage of, the domain’s user base was calculated differently, with 3 million members listed. was first registered in 1996, and some archived pages remain.

The domain dropped and was re-registered in 1999, by a company called Polyglot LLC.

An interesting twist: The Flippa auction lists Bidder #2 as a banned account; that bidder went all the way up to $852,000 dollars during the auction.

Let’s hope that the deal closes!

Translate this – Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

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