Brexit closure: .EU Registry drops 48,000 domains today!

EURid, the .EU Registry, is getting rid of approximately 48,000 domains today, linked to British registrants that are no longer able to keep them due to Brexit. The domains were placed “on-hold” last July and today they will be revoked and released to the general public, in batches. Only residents or citizens of the European […]

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Leave Means Leave : Dot .EU #domain for #Brexit fans in the UK

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, suffered a humiliating defeat on the confirmation of Brexit. Still, she was able to keep her government intact, but the hot potato remains: Did Great Britain screw up wanting to leave the European Union? There are a lot of fans supporting the UK’s departure from EU, a move that is […]

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Brexit, the scheduled exit of Britain from the European Union, generated a lot of interest this year. Hundreds of domain names with “brexit” as the main keyword were registered; perhaps, thousands. It’s typical for the matching .com to be the most valuable one, and the owner of is offering it for sale via Flippa. […]

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Brexit domains : Valuable, or a waste of money?

A British referendum led to a surprising 52% of Britons casting vote in favor of a “Brexit” from the European Union. Whether this was a smart move, or a grave mistake remains to be seen. For now, the interest has spread into the domain name sphere, with the owner of seeking to sell his […]

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