: Is it too late to sell the “Brexit” domain for big bucks? is at Flippa.

Brexit, the scheduled exit of Britain from the European Union, generated a lot of interest this year.

Hundreds of domain names with “brexit” as the main keyword were registered; perhaps, thousands.

It’s typical for the matching .com to be the most valuable one, and the owner of is offering it for sale via Flippa.

With 12 bids and a current bid of $10,000 dollars, has not met reserve.

That’s rather absurd, for a domain that was offered for 3,500 GBP previously, roughly $4,300 in today’s exchange rate of $1.24 dollars for every British pound. At the time, the GBP was above $1.35.

Such domains retain their swiftly acquired value for a short timeframe. They lose that value equally swiftly.

In our educated opinion, if the owner of has an offer of $10,000 dollars, they should take it.

Their hand registration is running out of time, and value, the closer we move to the manifestation of the British exit, or “Brexit” for short.

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