Brexit domains : Valuable, or a waste of money?

A British referendum led to a surprising 52% of Britons casting vote in favor of a “Brexit” from the European Union.

Whether this was a smart move, or a grave mistake remains to be seen.

For now, the interest has spread into the domain name sphere, with the owner of seeking to sell his asset.

It’s quite possibly that Great Britain won’t split away from the European Union after all, by means of not triggering Article 50.

A British domainer is seeking damages from DomCollect and 1&1 for alleged hijacking of his domains.

Great Britain and “Brexit” in the news, as it relates to domain names.

In case you wondered, is up for sale by Huge Domains; the going rate is a “mere” $1,595 dollars.

Naturally, a variety of “Brexit” domains have been registered, and the following gTLDs are taken:


We had no idea there is an .accountant AND an .accountants gTLD! The singular is owned by Famous Four Media, while the plural is a Donuts, Inc. gTLD.

Back to the “Brexit” domains – here’s a list of 254 such domain registrations, courtesy of

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