Fun with Flippa : 9 types of commentators on Ali Zandi’s domain auction

A while back we urged Flippa to disallow comments in domain auctions, unless they are left by actual bidders on the auction.

Whether one leaves a positive comment, or a negative comment, domain sales deserve to be devoid of such unrelated noise.

Comments can vary from “Cool domain bro!” to “Pfffff…your domain isn’t better than mine, and you want $10,000 for it? No way!”

Naturally, many of these comments are reported and removed by the Flippa administrators.

A visit to Ali Zandi’s current mega-sale of the domain, led us to define 9 types of commentators often encountered on Flippa. ๐Ÿ˜€

The Renewal Cost Alarmist
This type of commentator doesn’t say much, and often leaves comments in the form of a question. His comment is valid and usually undermines the overall value of the auction. But why leave a comment when you don’t bid?

The Positive Commentator
Comments that are devoid of any substance don’t have to be negative. The Positive Commentator leaves its mark on the wall by commenting on how “nice” a domain is, and wishing the seller “good luck.” Dude, at least bid a dollar or more, the seller can’t buy groceries with good luck.

The Shameless Plugger
Forget about this auction, it’s unimportant. What’s important to the commentator, is to place a shameless plug of his own domain and ride on the coattails of the auction’s popularity.

The “Yes but No” flip-flopper
Remember the two old men reviewing the play during the Muppet Show? This guy starts off commending on the domain’s value, potential and opportunity, and then brings it down by carving the market’s conditions, uncertainty of value and telling the seller to come back at a later time. Say what?!

The One-hand-Rubs-the-Other promoter
Comments left by this type of Flippa member begin with a compliment of the domain being auctioned; the comment quickly requests a matching commentary for their own auction. High five bro!

The Random Domain Generator
Most likely a positive thinker, the commentator’s focus switches onto an entirely unrelated domain, both by keyword and TLD, that they own. A combination of the Shameless Plugger and the One hand rubs the Other promoter.

The Boasting Bidder who never bids
Why leave a simple positive comment when you can start off by promoting your own related domains, and then claim you will be bidding on the auction. Killing two birds with one stone, this type of commentator gives exposure to the TLD and domains he owns, while pretending that he will be bidding.

The Paranoid anti-new gTLD N00b
The opposite extreme of the Renewal Cost Alarmist, our guy uses his paranoia to carve an imaginary renewal cost far surpassing reality. What if it’s a million, or a billion dollars per year? At the end, they name-drop their own cheap alternative for good measure.

The dot .COM Fanatic
This type of commentator does it all: Talks down the gTLD of the domain up for sale, boasts about his own domains and achievements, and promotes the whole package all at once. He’s the composite of all the previous 8 types!

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