#CPU .com : How much is this top tier #LLL .com #domain selling for on #Flippa?

A few weeks ago, CPU.com was being auctioned on NameJet, but it failed to meet the reserve price.

We were hoping that Intel and AMD would swoop in to cross swords and get this premium, three letter .com domain.

Alas, this didn’t happen, and CPU.com migrated to Flippa.

How much is CPU.com being sold for?

According to this auction listing on Flippa, the current bid is $55,000 dollars, well below our seven figure valuation. There are less than 20 hours left until the auction ends.

The BIN, or “special BIN” as it’s been promoted, is not substantially higher: $220,000 dollars.

Maybe it’s time for a competent domain brokerage, such as Guta.com, to step in?

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