Fake lawyers battle it out on #domain auction venues

It’s the battle of fake lawyers on domain auction venues, such as DropCatch and NameJet.

Bidding on these domain aftermarkets can be highly competitive, as premium domains are auctioned off with a low starting price.

Whether expired or dropped, quality domains are sought after, and competition among the bidders can heat up.

Leading the pack in the race, are several handles made to shock and intimidate beginners in the field of domain investing.

With names such as lawyer365, UDRPgod, lawsuit2018 and jailmeisteratty, these bidders are making a killing when they appear on the bidder list.

“We have a lot of questions about such obvious legal handles on the marketplace,” said Roger Tanthebaum of NameJet.

“Look, we can’t ban every possible keyword made to intimidate, but we reserve the right to block harassing names such as foul words,” added Tanthebaum.

In recent weeks, DropCatch bidders stopped bidding on several premium domains, as soon as expertdomainnamelawyer placed a $99 dollar bid.

Once they paid for the auction, their Korean locale, along with having a portfolio of 39,000 domains, unveiled their true identity and intentions.

Not everyone bidding on domain auctions gets fooled, however.

“Usually, I’m not intimidated by such silly antics,” said veteran domain investor, Andy Booth, currently in Barcelona, Spain.

“These twats can say all day long that they are lawyers, at the end of the day they have to pay top quid to beat me,” added Booth, getting into his Porsche.

If you come across any “lawyer” handles on NameJet, DropCatch or any other domain aftermarket venues, please let us know.

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