: From a $16,000 dollar sale to a $3.2 billion #Twilio deal

Segment is being acquired by Twilio, for the sum of $3.2 billion dollars in stock.

The customer data platform company sent Twilio shares jumping, reaching record numbers in the past 24 hours.

Segment operates from the domain name, a former asset of iReit. In 2012, the domain was sold on Flippa for a mere $16,000 dollars.

We’d like to speculate how the seller acquired it from iReit; there is no recorded transaction prior to the Flippa sale. The domain changed hands to a registrant in Iran in 2009, before moving into the lap of UK based Inavit that sold it on Flippa. The $16k price tag raises some red flags, in our opinion.

Either way, is now a company valued at $3.2 billion dollars and Twilio gets to keep both the domain and the company’s technology.

Segment launched in 2011 using the domain name Segment.IO.

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