Sadly, no Reverse Domain Name Hijacking finding in #UDRP

The aged domain was registered in 1995. Property Tax Partners, LP, LLP filed a UDRP based on its PTP mark that was registered in 2020. Noticing the age gap of 26 years, Dennis A. Foster, Panelist, ordered the domain to remain with the Respondent, who apparently acquired it in 1998—a good 22 years before […]

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Seven with Sedo: Get your 3 letter #domains before someone else does!

Sedo, our premium sponsor, is having a three letter domain auction from November 11th to the 18th. More than 85 LLL domains are being auctioned, with varied reserves in dollars, or euro or British pounds. Make sure you check the currency next to each domain if you bid! The auction involves LLL .com, .net, and […]

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The recent auction of, the youngest LLL .com domain in the known cosmos, had a positive ending for the parties involved. DropCatch auctioned after it dropped; the great news is that the auction’s winner has paid for the domain. Shelling out $71,050 dollars isn’t exactly small fries but the auction’s winner championed the […]

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Forget Meta: closed at an astounding $71,050 dollars!

Forget Facebook, Meta, and Mark Zuckerberg. Today’s big news is the closing of the auction for an astounding $71,050 dollars. The dropped domain auction was bit on by dozens of bidders, who hammered DropCatch for a chance to win this pronounceable LLL .com. Hopefully it will be paid by the auction winner, “logged“, as […]

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World, welcome as the youngest LLL .com domain in the world! A pronounceable three letter .com with a registration date of October 25, 2021 seems hard to fathom; in this day and age that LLL .com domains sell for tens of thousands of dollars, or more, a domain such as should not be […]

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Yue Dai: Chinese domainer drops several LL .com #domains!

Call it an unlucky moment, or an accident but it really happened: Chinese domain investor, Yue Dai (Dai Yue) somehow lost control of a large number of short, valuable domain names. The dropped list includes LL .com domains, LLL .com domains and even the ultra-valuable Said Yue Dai about the incident: Yes, you read […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Sorry, this LLL #domain won’t be going for sale soon is the three letter .com domain (LLL) of OZY Media, an online media publisher that recently announced it’s closing down. Within a week, the company retracted its shutting down memo, and it’s here to stay. Ever heard of OZY Media? Not us, but apparently it has a 25 million readership and a variety of […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Youngest LLL #domain passed through the New Ventures Services inventory is the latest three letter (LLL) .com domain that expired and dropped. Originally registered in 1998, now bears a registration date of July 10th, 2021. DropCatch grabbed this three letter .com domain, as usual, and it’s auctioning it currently. Dozens of bids have raised the current price to $40,050 dollars. Why did […]

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Guta global market report: End-users gobble up dictionary #domains

Domain brokerage, Guta, has been releasing well-researched data on premium domain name sales and acquisitions. The veteran brokerage with offices in the US and China is a respectable source of information, releasing quarterly reports on domain sales; its focus is short and dictionary .com domain names. In the latest report covering Q2/2021, Guta summarized it […]

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Rick Schwartz: Five million dollar sale of LLL .com #domain in the works!

Rick Schwartz announced today that a $5 million+ domain sale of a three letter .com is in the works. The Domain King said: I’m under an NDA but I can disclose that I have a 3 letter #Domain that is about to be under contract for over $5 Million. It will be public by October […]

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Drew Rosener is among the few domain investors who can claim access to brokering millions of dollars in domain names. Operating MediaOptions, DomainX,, and other domain-focused platforms, Drew Rosener’s personal web site sits comfortably at And now, Drew Rosener announced the acquisition of, an aged, ultra-premium LLL .com domain. was registered […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. : $80,150 dollar sale a no-go; #DropCatch relists domain is the youngest three letter .com domain in the world; its drop and subsequent auction on DropCatch led to a winning bid of $80,150 dollars. Apparently, as it usually happens these days with such premium LLL .com domains, the auction’s winner did not come up with the funds. DropCatch is now relisting on […]

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