#Wordle madness: SAW brokerage lists the matching .com for sale!


Fans of word puzzles will love Wordle, a quick, daily test of your vocabulary and patience.

What exactly is Wordle?

Wordle is an online game where you’re trying to guess a five letter word and have six tries to do so. Every word has to pass a dictionary test and feedback is returned by marking existing letters with a gold color; accurately placed letters are displayed with a green background.

It’s kinda sorta like that old childhood board game, Mastermind.

Its creator makes Wordle available for free from a non-matching domain, Powerlanguage.co.uk.

The Wordle madness is spreading fast, with lots of TLDs registered following the success of the online game. One particular TLD, however, Wordle.com, was registered years ago, in 2005.

Wordle.com can be acquired from the domain brokerages SAW.com that is brokering it!

Although the domain Wordle.com is parked with PPC ads to monetize it, a link at the very top takes it to the SAW.com for sale page.

We can only imagine there’s a hefty amount of type-in traffic going to Wordle.com right now.

Want to acquire the domain? Get in touch with SAW.com! 😀

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