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#Dofo deux : Macit Tuna rolls out new version of the #domain information service

Dofo, the domain resource tool that provides a visually attractive and functional service for domainers, has just gotten better. Officially out of beta, the Dofo.com service rolled out earlier today, with a stylish new interface and faster searches. Dofo stands for “domain information.” Macit Tuna, founder of Dofo, announced the official launch of Dofo on […]

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#Domain information : Interview with #DoFo .com founder, Macit Tuna

DoFo stands for “domain information,” and it’s a new, visually attractive and functional domain resource service, providing – for free – details on hundreds of millions of domain names. Operating from DoFo.com, the service is currently in beta, but it’s a well-rounded service already. We reached out to Macit Tuna, founder of DoFo, to find […]

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Dofo WHOIS service switched to DomainIQ API

Dofo.com, the domain WHOIS service by French domain entrepreneur, Francois Carrillo, has recently changed its main provider of information. A shortcut for “DOmain inFO“, Dofo.com provides a quick toolkit to expand the simple WHOIS information of domain names, particularly: Metrics (Appraisal, Alexa, Compete) History (Past WHOIS, History, Screenshots, Archive, Registrars, NameServers, Hosting) Info (WHOIS, Wikipedia, […]

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