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#Domainer careers: Yogi Solanki has joined Saw.com

Indian domain investor, Yogi Solanki, released a popular ebook about domain investing, last year. The big news is that Yogi Solanki has just joined domain brokerage powerhouse, Saw.com. According to the announcement: “The newest addition to the Saw.com domain brokerage team is Yogi Solanki. He is a passionate domain investor from New Delhi, India that […]

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#Outbound : Yogi Solanki’s #domainer eBook hits the black market!

Yogi Solanki’s domain business model is simple: get enough “outbound” emails to make money for your domains. Outbound is basically the opposite of waiting to get inbound inquiries for your domain portfolio. So what you do is get a list of potential buyers for your domains and start contacting them – a few times a […]

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