#Outbound : Yogi Solanki’s #domainer eBook hits the black market!

Yogi Solanki’s domain business model is simple: get enough “outbound” emails to make money for your domains.

Outbound is basically the opposite of waiting to get inbound inquiries for your domain portfolio. So what you do is get a list of potential buyers for your domains and start contacting them – a few times a week at least!

While some might find Solanki’s barrage method to be borderline spam, the likeable Indian and domainer neophyte insists there’s a system and a method that targets only the best-suited recipients of your sales pitch email.

With all that in mind, Yogi Solanki has a new eBook that’s being selling like hot curry. There’s a problem, however: some assholes are apparently pirating the eBook, selling copies of it in the “black market.”

Said Yogi Solanki:

“I have come to know that some people are selling my book at a cheaper rate in the “black market.” All I have to say is that in this book, I have shared pretty much everything I know about outbound.”

It doesn’t matter how good or bad a published work is, when it comes down to pirating one’s copyrighted material that’s an asshole move right there.

So if you’re tempted to buy the Outbound eBook from any source other than Yogi Solanki himself, you’re part of the problem bro!

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