NYC: A few things that I SAW

I’m currently in New York, a city I haven’t been to since right before the beginning of the pandemic.

There’s always things to do in the Big Apple and summer is meant to be spent with family and friends, so no NamesCon for me (unless it goes back to Vegas in January/February.)

Last night we took the ferry back to lower Manhattan from Brooklyn and I was able to capture a few cool shots and a domain sighting, that of, to boot.

The platform is produced by Anthropic, which I’ve covered before.

A big hello to and Jeff Gabriel who sent me this cool t-shirt which I wore for the day around New York city. It attracted a lot of eyeballs, making my girlfriend slightly jealous.

New Yorkers mind their own business but I did experience random strangers looking at and its “Be seen” motto. I hope they check out the web site of a top domain brokerage and not get disappointed! 🙂

Look out for more NYC coverage & domain names in the coming days!

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