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No worries, mate : Top #Snap result in #Australia isn’t the camera company

Domain rebranding to a short generic keyword can either make or break your brand. The generic nature of dictionary domains can actually dilute a brand’s visibility in search engines, such as Google. Ultra-generics, such as Apple, acquire a secondary meaning over a long period of time; this is how such brands become distinct and are […]

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Oh, Snap! Confusion over brand leads to wrong company’s meteoric rise of stock

The domain rebranding of Snapchat to Snap, along with the acquisition of Snap.com has been deemed unfortunate; the generic nature of the word makes it shared among numerous companies worldwide. As seen in the case of Sumo.com, without a secondary identifier or a truly “fancy mark” element, such ultra-generic words become problematic to promote via […]

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Snappening: Massive ‘Snapchat’ picture leak a boon for an Event Planning Service!

A massive leak of personal pictures originating from Snapchat – a photo and video sharing app – has generated lots of traffic for an unsuspected web site. More than 100,000 photos were leaked, collectively referred to as “the Snappening“, in the same manner that a previous celebrity photo leak was dubbed “the Fappening.” In this […]

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