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Snappening: Massive ‘Snapchat’ picture leak a boon for an Event Planning Service!

A massive leak of personal pictures originating from Snapchat – a photo and video sharing app – has generated lots of traffic for an unsuspected web site. More than 100,000 photos were leaked, collectively referred to as “the Snappening“, in the same manner that a previous celebrity photo leak was dubbed “the Fappening.” In this […]

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Celebrity nightmare: The Fappening exposé uses gTLD Domains to spread nude pics!

It’s still Fappening: The hackers that took advantage of weak passwords in iCloud accounts, have spread fear, frustration and anger among Hollywood’s top celebrities. Nude pictures of popular stars, including the Domainfest 2013 keynote speaker, Kim Kardashian, have been shared on web sites such as 4chan, Reddit and even The Pirate Bay. Someone went to […]

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