Celebrity nightmare: The Fappening exposé uses gTLD Domains to spread nude pics!

We cannot show nudity on DomainGang, sorry.

We cannot show nudity on DomainGang, sorry.

It’s still Fappening: The hackers that took advantage of weak passwords in iCloud accounts, have spread fear, frustration and anger among Hollywood’s top celebrities.

Nude pictures of popular stars, including the Domainfest 2013 keynote speaker, Kim Kardashian, have been shared on web sites such as 4chan, Reddit and even The Pirate Bay.

Someone went to the extent of registering gTLD and ccTLD domains to promote “The Fappening“, and the following domains are used to promote this NSFWand potentially illegal – content:

The operator of these web sites is keeping a changelog of the updates, and in an early entry he posted:

[9/9/2014 17:36] It seems that lawyers are getting desperate to shut down my website. My domain registrar said the content violates the indian laws. Not to worry. In the process of ordering a new domain name and will automatically redirect traffic there. Stay tuned. I WONT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!

Apparently, the display of pornography on a dot .in domain violated laws of ethics in India, something that would not apply to most gTLDs or ccTLDs; definitely not on dot .com.

Regarding the active web site hosted on a Dot .Sexy domain, it complies with the Uniregistry regulations that ask for the homepage to be void of pornographic content.

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