The REAL new Moniker!

Two days ago we presented the new Moniker, or at least what we believed at the time to be the latest launch.

Unfortunately, that was the old (current) Moniker as not every account was instantly transitioned to the new account management system. We regret the error and appreciate the correction sent over by

Here are some screenshots from the real new Moniker, that looks more spacious and less color-coded than the old one.

The 2FA panel now supports both software and hardware (fobs) to lock down your Moniker account.

Web hosting plans are now beefier and quite affordable for your next project.

We have zero domains at Moniker but it seems the domain manager would be a great and easy tool to navigate through.

The domain treasury at is a separate vault where you can move your most valuable domains to, protecting them from unauthorized transfers.

For more information, head over to and click the “Apply to join” button, making sure you use an email address different from the previous one!

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