Donald #Trump woes : #Impeached .com hits the sales block from Prime Loyalty

The US president, Donald Trump, is getting closer to being impeached. This political maneuver is arriving right as the US is about to enter 2020 – an election year.

Such action would put the president into a difficult situation, having their actions dissected and examined; even the president has to obey the laws and the Constitution.

With that arrives the availability of the domain name The brokering is exclusively provided by Prime Loyalty, a domain name investment and brokerage company based in New York.

Jeff Garbutt, founder and CEO of Prime Loyalty, announced the domain’s availability on Twitter:

Prime Loyalty is exclusively brokering To inquire please DM me or submit an offer here: #domainnames #domains #digitalassets #impeach #impeachment #impeached #impeachmenthearing #impeachmenthearings #primeloyalty #ImpeachmentDay

Will the president Donald Trump get impeached? If he does, the domain might prove to be a traffic magnet.

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One Response to “Donald #Trump woes : #Impeached .com hits the sales block from Prime Loyalty”
  1. BullS says:

    I and many people REALLY don’t give a shi**&t about this impeached crap as it does not affect me.
    All I really care is my retirement is in a big fat $$$$$$$…up 900%.

    All I care is retire on a nice warm beach fishing for Lion Fish.

    It is the economy…Stupid!!

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