Kanoa : Wireless earbud maker shuts down – Latest startup to bite the dust

Kanoa earbuds – never delivered

Kanoa promised high quality wireless headphones, with the ability to augment external sounds.

For more than a year, backers of the $300 dollar earbuds waited for their 50% off retail investment to be delivered.

After a seed round of funding, Kanoa and its CEO, Cival Van Der Lubbe, sought to deliver an exceptional product – at least, on paper.

A scathing review of the Kanoa earbuds by a YouTube blogger delivered the truth: the earbuds’ performance sucked donkey balls.

Four days later, in the middle of yet another funding round that would have extended its lifespan, Kanoa closed shop.

A new Facebook group seeking a class action lawsuit has formed: Kanoa – Scam – Class Action Lawsuit.

It’s not the first, nor the last startup to fold; we reported on such failed ventures as the Lily camera, along with Plastc digital credit card, and SoundFocus as well.

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