#Novi domains : Mark Zuckerberg has a message for all #domainers

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, often speaks in public, and today he left a message for all domain investors.

Keeping his sense of humor intact, Zuck went on Instagram to address the massive number of Novi and Libra domains registered by domainers.

“Look guys, this is getting out of control! By my last count, we have 11,200 Libra domains, and now about 1,300 Novi domains and you know very well we at Facebook are not going to buy your junk – it’s a waste of money!”

“Not only that, but we have an unlimited budget for UDRP filings to protect our brand. So play nice, stay away from these domains!”

Mark Zuckerberg posted the following photo for emphasis. If you have domains with the Novi and Libra keywords you are wasting your money, but Verisign will thank you for it.

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