#Sedo newsletter : #Domain duels, #Brexit, #Russia and traffic filters


Sedo, a premium DomainGang sponsor, sent out its latest domain-focused newsletter, covering several points of interest to domain investors.

So what’s new at Sedo? Here’s the summary, with links:

  • Domain duels of big brands: When the internet first got its start, many companies were unaware of the importance of securing their domain name, including notable brands like MTV, McDonald’s and more.
  • Brexit impact on .EU domain owners: As the deadline quickly approaches for Brexit and the world anxiously awaits how the UK will exit the EU, the impacts are far reaching even into the domain world. The owners of .EU domains, residing in the UK will need to make some changes within their Whois records.
  • New Sedo website in Russia: We recently introduced Sedo.ru to more directly service end users as well as domainers from Russia and the large population of Russian internet users. This expands our coverage to a broader customer base in yet another lucrative international market.
  • Traffic Filter for expiring domains: We recently added a new filter to our Expiring Domains feed so that you can filter by the parking traffic these domains already receive.

Visit Sedo for the full news.

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