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N.de, A.de, Z.de and I.de for sale at Sedo

It looks like an innocent sale, but the German government is ready to intervene, once it’s confirmed that Sedo and Denic are auctioning the domains N.de, A.de, Z.de and I.de

There’s plenty of speculation that the buyer of all these four single-letter .de domains will attempt to combine them and form a word that is banned and punishable by law in Germany.

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2 Responses to “N.de, A.de, Z.de and I.de for sale at Sedo”
  1. John says:

    Indeed a scary thought. Does Scrabble work with domains? LOL 😀

  2. Patrick McDermott says:

    Hey Lucius,

    I heard they were also going to auction off the plural:

    N.de, A.de, Z.de, I.de, S.de

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