Kanye West to Halvarez: I’mma let you finish

Kanye West tells it like it is about domainers and Halvarez in particular

Kanye West tells it like it is about domainers and Halvarez in particular

Music industry giant, Kanye West, has issued a statement in the wake of the Halvarez scandal. It’s a little known fact, but Kanye West is also a domainer.

He primarily owns Beyonce domains; some of his recent registrations include and – it’s no secret that Beyonce is an infatuation of Kanye West’s.

The statement by Kanye West reads as follows:

“Halvarez, I’m happy for you – and I’mma let you finish – but Beyonce is the most scandalous domainer of all time. Of all time!”

When asked to expand on this statement, Kanye West explained:

“Listen, I know that you think I’m crazy but there’s nothing in what Halvarez did that compares to the damage caused by this incredible woman. That booty is scandalous! I want to tap into that scandalous booty any way possible. Halvarez – that wigga is nothing compared to mah girl, Beyonce. Can he sing? Can he dance? No sir. Halvarez only knows how to cheat at auctions, the sick motherf*cka!”

After releasing that statement, Kanye West went backstage to prepare for the public humiliation of yet another music celebrity, Britney Spears.

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  1. He also said that Halvarez hates black people. The guy is a genius, can’t be denied!

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