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Two letter domain NR.com sold : Rebrands to Numerical.Recipes


NR.com appears to have been sold to a Chinese investor.

Fresh off the LL .com sales report: The aged two letter domain, NR.com, appears to have been sold.

Registered in 1993, NR.com is one of the oldest continually existing web sites on the Internet.

The NR acronym stands for Numerical Recipes, and by apparently selling the domain, the software maker has switched over to a gTLD domain: Numerical.Recipes.

“Important note: We have changed our web address. We are no longer “nr.com”. We are now “numerical.recipes” (without any .com). Please change your bookmarks. We are the same enterprise and look forward to continuing to serve your Numerical Recipes needs into the future.”

This is big news for Donuts, Inc., the domain registry behind the dot .Recipes gTLD.

According to the web site at NR.com and Numerical.Recipes:

“We are numerical.recipes, Numerical Recipes Software. We are one of the oldest continuously operating sites on the Web, with the historic former domain nr.com dating back to 1993, one of the first 25,000 domains in the Internet. (Today, that number is about 200,000,000.) In partnership with Cambridge University Press, we develop the Numerical Recipes series of books on scientific computing and related software products.”

There is no information regarding the apparent sale of NR.com, but the WHOIS info first changed some time around October 8th, to a Chinese registrant.

NR.com still resolves to its original content, but it’s now in the possession of Chinese domain brokers.

According to a report by domain expert, George Kirikos, Chinese registrants are in control of a large percentage of LL .com domain names.

Such outstanding letter quality might bring upper six figures, if not seven!

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3 Responses to “Two letter domain NR.com sold : Rebrands to Numerical.Recipes”
  1. Using the nTLD domain Numerical.Recipes is all well and good. But I’d prefer seeing their brand name secured with NumericalRecipes.com as well.

    Currently that .COM remains listed for sale. Hopefully the former owners of NR.com already bought it using the massive payment their receiving from the LL sale. If not, why on earth not?

    The price quote they’ll get on NumericalRecipes.com now – after they’ve just collected (presumably) at least mid-to-high $xxx,xxx – will be a lot more expensive than it would have been before the sale was announced.

  2. Ugh. They’re != Their

  3. DomainGang says:

    Joseph – I agree, but the #1 result in Google for “numerical recipes” is their new gTLD 😀

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