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Another Chinese domain spammer sending out fake expiration notices is exposed


Serial domain spammers from China are flooding the mailboxes of domain investors, harvesting WHOIS information.

In China, this is considered a “normal” practice, to aggressively bombard others with crappy products and services.

Unsolicited email, aka “spam,” generates billions of emails daily.

We’ve uncovered yet another Chinese domain spammer, operating from a cluster of newly registered domains, all sending spam from Hong Kong.

Two typical IP addresses this phuckstick is using, are and both at Hong Kong datacenters.

Below is the type of spam they send out:


We have traced those caulk-suckers to the following domain names, which are being used to generate, promote, and dispatch spam from China, using the email address easyescrowholding@gmail.com for the WHOIS:

allsregtech.org     2016-10-03
anieshostseos.org     2016-10-03
domainhoststrans.org     2016-10-03
domallsregs.org     2016-10-03
domstranspros.org     2016-10-03
domtransseos.org     2016-10-03
ecivresoes.org     2016-10-12
eoservice.org     2016-10-12
hostersunisdomain.org     2016-10-03
hostseomedia.org     2016-10-03
hostshostseos.org     2016-10-03
hostsseohostr.org     2016-10-03
hosttrans.org     2016-10-03
mediaregsdomains.org     2016-10-03
mediastransregs.org     2016-10-03
megadomainall.org     2016-10-03
nuseoservice.org     2016-10-12
orgasdomhoster.org     2016-10-03
orgashostregs.org     2016-10-03
oseoservice.org     2016-10-12
promegregs.org     2016-10-03
proshosttech.org     2016-10-03
registerserviceall.org     2016-10-03
regorgasservice.org     2016-10-03
regsprohosts.org     2016-10-03
seohostrservices.org     2016-10-03
seohostsalls.org     2016-10-03
seomegaorg.org     2016-10-03
seoregmegaster.org     2016-10-03
seoservic.org     2016-10-12
seoserviceapp.org     2016-10-12
seoservicely.org     2016-10-12
seoservike.org     2016-10-12
seosmegasdom.org     2016-10-03
seozervice.org     2016-10-12
servicedomainserv.org     2016-10-03
servicedomdomains.org     2016-10-03
servicemediatele.org     2016-10-03
servicesregdomains.org     2016-10-03
useoservice.org     2016-10-12

As one can see, those domains are freshly registered, and are often recycled to avoid being detected.

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