Chinese bastard spammers, Marksmile, continue to harass domain owners

Phuck all spammers.

Chinese bastard spammers,, continue to harass domain owners, emailing them unsolicited email with .CN variants of their own domains.

This time around, the Marksmile douchebags are sending out “discounts” to their previous offer, trying to convince Westerners that they need a .CN domain, for their matching .COM.

China’s .CN domain is highly regulated and there are no real benefits from owning a domain in a country that hides access to the West via a massive firewall.

Here’s the latest email from the Marksmile phucksticks, translated:

I am the brand name of the business network consultant Shirley.
You are currently at [*].com. The corresponding [*].cn is currently on sale

.cn domain name currently registered total over 20 million, is the future of Chinese enterprises to establish the preferred suffix, the proposed timely protection of your company!

Domain name business network activity price Ali cloud price new network price
[*].cn Original Price: ¥ 4508 Special Price: ¥ 1680 View Now View Now

Contact the bottom of the brand consultant, you can enjoy the name of the business network ¥ 1680 yuan limited time, look forward to your service.

The deadline for the event: 2017.9

If this e-mail caused you to disturb, very sorry!

Thank you for your support for the name of the business network!
Hangzhou famous business network Limited

Address: 333 Shangtang Road, Hangzhou, Overseas Business Office 11th Floor
Brand consultant: Hu Xueli
Contact QQ: 2766965976
Tel: 0571-85081903

The funny part is that the bastards consider themselves “professional brand consultants” – maybe they need an Oxford dictionary instead of a Pinyin one.

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