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Chinese bastard spammers, Marksmile, continue to harass domain owners

Chinese bastard spammers, Marksmile.com, continue to harass domain owners, emailing them unsolicited email with .CN variants of their own domains. This time around, the Marksmile douchebags are sending out “discounts” to their previous offer, trying to convince Westerners that they need a .CN domain, for their matching .COM. China’s .CN domain is highly regulated and […]

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Chinese domain spammer Marksmile.com

Another day, another domain spammer phuckstick has arrived: Marksmile.com. Those douchebags from Hangzhou, China, join the ranks of Dopa, spamming domain owners of .com domains. Not only did they screw up on their initial unsolicited mass email batch, they followed up with a second batch correcting their offering from “.com” to the crappy “.cn” equivalent. […]

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