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Double Dutch : mijndomein.com UDRP ends in refusal of transfer


UDRP has been denied.

The registrant of mijndomein.com was hit with a UDRP 13 years after its registration.

The term “mijn domein” stands for “my domain” in Dutch, and another Dutch company that registered the mark in 2016, attempted to make the domain theirs.

The problem seems to arise from the fact that in 1999, the Complainant registered the .NL variant, predating the .COM by a few years.

Regardless, the sole panelist at the WIPO, Wolter Wefers Bettink, stated that the Respondent made fair use of the domain name:

“On the basis of the above the Panel concludes that the Complainant has not succeeded in providing the required prima facie evidence that the Respondent has no rights or legitimate interests in the Domain Name.”

The Respondent sought monetary remedy to cover his legal costs to defend the domain; he might have to sue in a Dutch court to get that.

The panelist ordered mijndomein.com to remain with the Respondent, denying the request of the Complainant.

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One Response to “Double Dutch : mijndomein.com UDRP ends in refusal of transfer”
  1. c says:

    Seems WIPO made dozen of casually judgements in recent years 🙁

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