#Domain Name Jargon : Dumbass #Domainer

Time to update one of the most important educational series about domaining: The magnificent Domain Name Jargon seriesan endless resource of information, a true thesaurus of terms and trivia related to domaining.

The purpose of Name Jargon is to help (re)define domaining and to clarify misconceptions about domain industry terms used in the past, and today.

Name Jargon helps settle such arguments among domainers, once and for all.

Today’s Domain Name Jargon entry is below:

Dumbass Domainer: A domain investor who does not follow the important teachings of domain industry gurus, demigods and kings. By ignoring their expert advice due to pure ignorance or self-acquired personal taste, these dumbass domainers add hubris on top of their own apparent failure to understand how the domain industry should operate for the next one hundred eons.

Example: “Bro, did you read the latest blog post by Rick Schwartz about domain names? Yes. Did you follow his advice? No. Pfffft. You’re one dumbass domainer!”

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