Apple #AirTags launched without the matching .com #domain

Apple announced the launch of its AirTag product at the Spring Loaded event, yesterday.

The AirTag was designed to act like a key finder, helping find keys and other products that are attached to.

An Apple AirTag – photo courtesy

That being said, Apple did not secure the domain names and Registered in 2003, is in the possession of a French registrant and does not resolve currently.

Meanwhile, the plural version,, is a 2009 registration listed for sale at Sedo. Its Korean registrant is very active on domain auction platforms such as DropCatch, using the moniker “lawyer247.”

Will Apple buy either or

Currently, Apple ensures that traction to its product launch is sustained so they are paying for Google Ads to top the search results for the “air tag” keyword.

It’s newsworthy that the existing domains and are domains that infringe on the Apple trademark.

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