#Astronaut #domain sold on the #Uniregistry Market for $20k is a URL forwarder!

Astronaut Security Technologies is a boutique provider of Managed Security Solutions, based in Massachusetts.

They acquired the domain AST.net via the Uniregistry Market, which was the top listed brokered sale for this week.

According to the report, AST.net – a 1999 registration – was sold for $20,000 dollars.

“AST” is an acronym for the corporation’s name, and apparently they just spent twenty grand just to use it as a URL forwarder.


While we get it, people want short domains for various valid reasons, using a domain as a URL forwarder gains zero SEO juice in Google.

To benefit from such a domain rebranding move, the new domain should be used as is, and be pointed to a separate landing portal with content linking to the longer, less fancy destination.

And one more thing: when you spend $20k on a domain, go ahead and spend another tenner for the full name of your company.

AST.net – Photo by JJ Shev on Unsplash

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