How to export *all* your domain sales leads from the Uni Market

There is nothing worse than not having access to years of your own data, such as detailed leads about your domain names. The Uniregistry Market became the Uni Market upon its acquisition by GoDaddy three years ago. With the upcoming shutdown of the platform on April 18th, you might have to act fast to save […]

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The operators of the premium domain, have filed for the registration of the mark “FUDGESHOP.COM SINCE 1992.” Avopco LLC is a Tennessee based corporation and the application was filed for a stylized mark; the company’s fudge operation goes back to 1992 but the mark’s first date of use is listed as June 2020. This […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. #Trademark application points to recent #domain sale

The operators of the domain have applied for the registration of the matching mark, HIKINGTRAILS.COM. The USPTO application is filed with an “intent to use” clause, which often indicates that the related domain was acquired recently. Here are the services linked to the trademark’s application: Downloadable mobile applications for hiking trails, gear, equipment and […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. increased cash flow by $13.5 million dollars

Vowel operates from the domain and is a videoconferencing platform that offers a range of planning, hosting, transcription, search, and sharing tools. The New York based company formed in 2018 and in early 2019 acquired the domain via the Uniregistry Marketplace. There is no record of the sale in public records, including at […]

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#Uniregistry : New “single offer field” sales landers on the #domain marketplace

Uniregistry, a premium DomainGang sponsor, released a new “single offer field” lander to its customers using the Uniregistry Market. The single offer lander page informs visitors that the domain is for sale, and they need to place an offer. Once that offer is placed, the visitor must provide their contact information, in order to complete […]

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#Astronaut #domain sold on the #Uniregistry Market for $20k is a URL forwarder!

Astronaut Security Technologies is a boutique provider of Managed Security Solutions, based in Massachusetts. They acquired the domain via the Uniregistry Market, which was the top listed brokered sale for this week. According to the report, – a 1999 registration – was sold for $20,000 dollars. “AST” is an acronym for the corporation’s […]

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#Uniregistry : Exclusive broker of the existing FMA #domain portfolio

The premium domain portfolio of Future Media Architects is being brokered exclusively by Uniregistry. Between 2014 and 2018, FMA sold approximately $24 million dollars worth of domain names. According to a now adjudicated lawsuit brought forth by the co-founder and sister to Elequa, Shareefah Khalid Alghanim, only $9 million of these assets have been accounted […]

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#Uniregistry landers : Making a #domain offer now has an extra checkbox

The Uniregistry Market is a popular destination for domain investors, and the former Domain Name Sales landers provide an intuitive platform to buy and sell domain names. There have been plenty of updates and improvements, since the public launch of DNS in 2012 and that of the Uniregistry Market in 2015. Communicating with the owner […]

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Prince #Elequa : Domainer icon moves dot .TV portfolio to #Uniregistry Market

Thunayan K. AL-Ghanim, the legendary domain investor known as Prince Elequa, owns a top notch domain portfolio. In recent years, Elequa has sold many of his LLLL .com domains via the Uniregistry Market. Elequa’s smart investments in short domains paid off, as he sold most of the four letter .com domains at the peak of […]

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#Texas values : Domain sold at #Uniregistry market after mere $69 dollar investment!

A $69 dollar domain investment was transformed into a sizable sale for Texas based domainer, Logan Flatt. Logan’s acquisition of for $69 three years ago, paid off; the short term investment became a sale of $3,425 dollars at the Uniregistry Market. The buyer is an Austin-based real estate company, that will most likely use […]

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#Domainer BIN : Another day, another “Flatt” price!

Domain investor, Logan Flatt, is the master of BIN sales at the Uniregistry Market. The Texan domainer who unveiled the previously unreported sale of, has been making a killing by pricing his domains right. Logan has been focusing on domains that contain the “near me” reference, which is popular in Google searches. Last week, […]

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What is the commission fee percentage at the Uniregistry Market for BIN sales?

Logan Flatt’s recent sale of the domain via the Uniregistry Market generated a lot of interest and responses. Logan has been testing the Buy It Now approach for a while, with excellent results. There seems to be some confusion regarding the fees Uniregistry Market charges for utilizing the BIN option. Fortunately, we dug into […]

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